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  TexasData Services Price List

We appreciate your interest in our service and have made our prices available for you to consider before you decide to setup service with us. Here you will find the costs of our service each month, as well as common costs for other services such as additional equipment for installations, or even service calls to help you with computer or networking issues. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our services and their costs.


Monthly Service Prices
Service Levels (down/up) Prices
 Basic 400/200 Kbps  $40.00/mo
 Basic 800/400 Kbps  $55.00/mo
 Media 1500/750 Kbps  $75.00/mo
 Media 2000/1000 Kbps  $100.00/mo
 Customized* (prorated up to 4 MBs)  $50.00 per Mb/mo

*Please contact us for higher speeds or custom solutions for your specific needs



Service Installation Prices
Installation Options Prices
 Standard Installation Fee  $150.00
 First Ethernet Cable Run (up to 75 feet)  No Charge with Install
 Router & Devices Installation/Configuration  No Charge with Install
 Netgear Wireless G/N Router  $69.00/each

 Addtional Ethernet Cable Runs (up to 75 feet)


 $0.30/ft after first 75 feet



Additional Customer Services
Service Call Options Prices
 Service Calls for TexasData Equipment Problems  No Charge
 Service Calls for Computer Problems (we do not service hardware issues)

 $75.00/hr + $30 Trip Charge

 Service Calls for Network Extension or Network Problems

 $75.00/hr + $30 Trip Charge

 + costs of any new equipment

 Service Calls for Relocation of TexasData Equipment

 $75.00/hr + $30 Trip Charge

 + costs of any new materials



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